Giving Back

Street outreach in Downtown Phoenix

Street outreach in Downtown Phoenix

Street outreach… Many dog rescue friends tag me on Facebook or text me when they learn of a pet parent in need of food for their pets. This includes homeless and those who have fallen on hard times. It warms my heart to assist them! I was able to provide this man and his dog several days of food, a new leash and collar. Donations were also raised so that I will be able to bring her up to date on vaccinations and have her registered.



Street outreach in Downtown Phoenix-- Happy to have matching collars and leashes!

I also have collars and leashes on hand to share. This woman was using a purse strap as a leash for one of the dogs. Now they each proudly have matching sets! She had a supply of dog food, but asked for treats for them. I gave her a supply of dental chews, dog cookies and cow ears.


As you may know, I love animals. I am drawn to their innocence, and loving, trusting nature, They are our furry family members, always by our side through thick and thin. I have 4 rescue dogs of my own at home, but find it rewarding to help with the adoption of pets in need. I wish they could all have safe, loving homes like mine.

I am currently volunteering with Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. I photograph the dogs for their website and also procure food donations for both the shelter pets and those in need in the community through their food bank. I find these experiences heartwarming and rewarding. Here are some of the dogs in need of homes that I have photographed.