Thinking about selling your home? Here are just a few reasons why I surpass the competition with my unique selling philosophy and comprehensive marketing plan and client first VIP service.


55th (4)I’m constantly developing creative new ways to give my clients a competitive edge in marketing exposure.

We have great success with our proven online and offline marketing strategies. We get the word out fast AND extensively. Within minutes of putting your home on the MLS, we’ll broadcast the listing on key websites, social media and our nationwide network so that consumers and agents alike will know your home is on the market and ready to sell. A recent NAR study says today more than 92% of home buyers go online to initially search for a home. My team uses extensive web-based marketing and make sure that your home is prominently featured on the most highly visited search sites and social media networks.  We also use single property websites and call capture riders. Call capture riders ensure that even passersby have finger tip access to information on your home while they’re still in front of the house.


Your home will be photographed using high definition digital Canon equipment for better marketing picture quality. Time and time again we draw more agents and buyers into our listings with a wide angle lens shot that enhances your home’s interior and exterior. 5 exposures are taken of each scene and then layered for enhanced eye catching quality. Better photos will produce more buyer calls and increase the chances of having a faster sale.

DCIM100MEDIAWe also offer aerial drone photography. This works well for luxury homes, larger lots, golf course and lakeside properties. It creates another viewpoint of your property, allowing any potential buyer to get a better idea of layout. Often, the more a buyer can see of a property, the more interested they can become and want to see it in person.   

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My team and I provide exceptional service during all stages of the process from start to finish down to the finest detail. We work hard to understand and meet your needs, showcase the unique features of your home and neighborhood and provide top-rate communication throughout the listing, marketing, sales and closing process.


My #1 goal is to achieve the maximum possible sales price in a given market in the shortest amount of time. I leverage market knowledge with a wide variety of sales data resources to determine the most advantageous and accurate price for your home. The longer a seller’s home is on the market, the less attractive the home becomes to buyers. The best overall home selling strategies are to price it right from the start rather than chase the market down, properly prepare it for sale and hire the best listing agent that will attract an excited home buyer and negotiate a top dollar offer on your behalf. That’s me!


Thompson (29)Nothing speaks louder than results. Navigating a real estate transaction can be a trying experience for any seller, whether it be the first time or not. My contract knowledge, process experience and negotiation skills enable us to experience a smoother sale, keeping the transaction together through the offer, acceptance, disclosure, inspection, contingency and closing stages. Newer or inexperienced agents have many opportunities to unwittingly quash an active transaction due to their incompetency. I welcome the opportunity to offer you knowledgeable and experienced representation.

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